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Cincinnati Bengals 2008 preview

                CINCINNATI BENGALS

The Cincinnati Bengals (7-9) made the playoffs in 2005, going 11-5. But it’s been downhill since then with the team performing at a sub-par level over the past two years. Although during that time they fielded a strong offense, the club has been lacking in defense. This is a team in search of consistency.

The offense is led by QB Carson Palmer (575 ATT, 373 COMP, 4,131 YDS, 26 TDs, 20 INT), one of the best signal callers in the NFL. Palmer, a gutsy performer, knows how to keep his team in the game. Last season RB Rudi Johnson (170 ATT, 497 YDS, 2.9 AVG, 3 TDs) underperformed due to a hamstring injury. If he’s healthy, he should put in his usual 1,000-plus yard season. The offensive line allowed just 17 sacks; it returns solid starters who have worked to become fitter and stronger in 2008. The receiving unit is exceptional. It includes T.J. Houshmandzadeh (112 REC, 1,143 YDS, 10.2 AVG, 12 TDs) and Chad Johnson (93 REC, 1,440 YDS, 15.5 AVG, 8 TDs). Both are top performers.





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