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New England Patriots 2008 preview


The New England Patriots (16-0) were perfect during the regular season and almost perfect in the post season. It’s that word “almost” that makes Patriot players, coaches, executives and fans stop for a moment and consider how close they came to winning a fourth Super Bowl and putting in both a perfect season and post-season. Of course, that loss to the New York Giants and Eli Manning is the chip that Patriot players and coaches will carry on their shoulders throughout the 2008-2009 season.

Tom Brady is the definitive field general. He leads by example and toughness, is smart and well schooled and plays to win on every down. Last season, Brady threw a NFL regular-season record 50 touchdown passes and just 8 interceptions. He led the NFL’s top rated offense and passing game. The Pats were second in red zone touchdown percentage and first in scoring. Randy Moss, who

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broke the NFL record for most regular season TD catches (23), is the best wideout in the game, and Wes Welker and Jabar Gaffney are fine two-three receivers. The Pats were 13th when it came to the run. Last season, RB Laurence Maroney was sometimes ineffective. Maroney, who played injured part of the year, looks healthy, as does the offensive line.




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