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Miami Dolphins 2008 Preview

        Miami Dolphins

Was there a worse team in the NFL last season than the Miami Dolphins (1-15)?  The answer is “no.” The Fins have been failing ever since Joe Marino retired. This season, they brought in veteran coach Bill Parcells to run the front office and untested Tony Sparano to be head coach. But don’t expect these Dolphins to be doing swimmingly in 2008. Rebuilding will take two to three years at the least.

The Dolphin offense tied for 26th in Cheap Bvlgari Wallets Replica Balenciaga Work Bag gucci backpack fake rolex cellini scoring and was 28th in total offensive yards. Second-year QB John Beck completed 56% of his passes, tossing one touchdown and three interceptions. Beck will need to work on fundamentals and continue to develop. One problem over the years has been the team’s offensive line. They allowed 42 sacks last season. This season, Miami is attempting to create a cohesive frontline. There’s a wildcard in the running back unit—Ricky Williams. The former star has been working as hard as he can to come back and is rumored to be in great shape. RB Ronnie Brown looked like a potential Pro Bowler last season until he tore his ACL. He’s trying to come back. The receivers have some talent but are inexperienced. The wideout group is thin.




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